50s,60s & 70s Properties

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50s, 60s and 70s Homes

The post-war housing boom produced a massive increase in house building and home ownership. This meant that these decades produced a significant number, and great diversity, of homes.

These can range from modernist 1960’s architectural fantasies to small, 1950’s terraces. There is even a demand for flats in 1970’s tower blocks, where the space available to refurbish is one of the major attractions. Yet, such homes were designed for very different people and families than today’s houses.

The rooms were often smaller, and there was less emphasis on communal and shared space. Having ‘too many rooms’ is one complaint we often hear about houses from this period.

Design with the era in mind

With our professional design and building services, we can recondition your home.

To make it suitable, and functional, for your current and future needs.

This was the era of conformity for houses, and many people find that they want to have a change from the usual.

Convert their home into one which is truly their own.

Our specialist and integrated, building and design services are orientated around individual choice.

We can help you to change your home into one that suits your needs better.

Achieve the living space you need today!

By removing existing walls, we can create communal spaces which will allow you to enjoy your leisure time.

Also, although it is not always possible to extend into the loft in such homes, we can also extend into the garage area.

Many families find that they prefer to park their car on their driveway to leave the garage free as a suitable area for conversion.

The design was not always great in this era – think of 1970’s wallpaper – but we are also experts at refurbishment.

Whether you are a residential client, or a commercial client looking to generate rental income from properties.

We can refurbish your post-war home to make it a match for new features.

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