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80s & Modern To Date Homes

When people move into a contemporary home, they will not wish to make any changes for an extended period.

The décor, layout and floor space that they have will be chosen from the start (usually from an off-plan design).

Many people even specify decoration and furnishings when they buy a new property.

Everything, from the type of kitchen to the colour of the floor tiles, can be carefully chosen.

Yet, people’s needs change over time.

Love your home but need more space?

Families, as children get older, or because of divorce or separation.

People often need a change in living space.

There is also, often, the extra problem of caring for elderly relatives.

It may be appropriate to consider an extension or conversion to your modern home.

Such extensions and translations are not always natural.

Even in new properties there is still often the need for forms of planning permission.

Moreover, these properties were not built with the need to extend and covert in mind.

They were constructed as ‘bespoke’ solutions.

Let Us Build Your Dream Space

With our design & build service , you will find that even modern propertys can be extended or converted. We can make use of existing outdoor space, such as a garage or garden, to extend outwards.

We can even show you how we can build into the loft to create an exciting extra living, or working space, for you.


If you are not considering an extension or conversion, we are experts in refurbishment and reconditioning. Even homes that were built recently can be improved through a radical change to design.

The addition of a spiral staircase, or also changing the layout of the downstairs area to a communal arrangement, are some of the refurbishments that we are asked to perform in new properties.

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