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Building Regulations all you need to know

Before any work begins on a property, you must make sure that you meet building regulations.

Many households and commercial customers do not realise the importance of building regulations.

Some builders do not follow building regulations and this means that their work can be unlawful as well as unsafe. In particular, builders who come to your door, or offer a service which is ‘off the books’ may not always meet with building regulations.

Building regulations do not just cover new buildings. Extensions or refurbishments to a property are also covered by building regulations. This means that even the most minor types of work that might be undertaken are covered by these regulations and codes of practice. Even if you think that the work that you are going to ask for is very minor, the chances are that it is still covered by building regulations.

When it comes to our service, you can always be sure that we are fully compliant with all building regulations. We make sure that our work is compliant with the law, and with all legal codes in the United Kingdom. This will give you reassurance that our work will not only be fully compliant with your needs, but also that it will be fully regulated and checked.

We also make sure that our employees are up to date with all current building regulations. We can arrange to talk to you as a customer, whether you are residential or commercial, concerning the particular building regulations which will impact upon your particular piece of work.

For certain projects, there may be additional regulations that apply but with our service we take all of the hard work out of dealing with building regulations.

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