Convert Your Garage To A Living Space

Garage conversions?Convert Your Garage To A Living Space!!

Are you still parking your car in the garage? We’ve just visited a lot of homes, where the garage was present and out of all those homes the total number that actually had any type of vehicles parked in them was just two. In one there was an old vintage car and in the other there was a quad bike. So, if you are still parking your vehicle in the garage, then you are in minority.

Just imagine if you could make the most efficient use of your garage space, like if you could convert it into an extra living space. This extra living space will also increase the resale value of your home. Believe it or not, but the garage conversions can increase the value of your property by 10%-12% and this increase is quite substantial.

Now, you might be thinking if you require any planning permission to convert your garage…..

Initially, we would like to advise you to check whether or not you have permitted development rights for your home. There shouldn’t be any type restrictions on your garage, when it was originally granted the permission preventing any other use. If you find out that you aren’t having permitted development rights, then you certainly have to apply for the planning permission for the changes that you desire.

If you do have all the permitted development rights and you want to transform your attached/integral garage, then as long as the construction work is internal and doesn’t require enlarging the building, you will not need any planning permission.

If in case, your garage is detached from your house, then you might not need any planning permission if the proposed garage conversion is to be used as ‘incidental’ to the enjoyment of your main house. Although, if the conversion incorporates the installation of a kitchen, washroom, accommodation for sleeping, then you will need the ‘change of use’ planning permission in order to convert the building into a habitable space.

Also, if you are planning to convert your detached garage, then permitted development will be possible if it is to be occupied by the guests or the members of the main house. You have to obtain the permission, if you want to convert your independent garage for independent use. If you are getting confused, then it’s better to take help from someone, as internet can make you confuse.

Apart from the planning permission, other things related to garage conversions can be very simple if you have selected us for the conversion. Call us now or visit us at: for more information.