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Customer Charter – Design Build4u

Our company has been designed so that we ensure a guaranteed, easy, time friendly and cost-effective service provision. This is the essence upon which we base our customer charter. With Design Build 4u, you are not just getting access to a building company, but rather a partnership that will ensure the success of the project.

Our client’s success is a success for our company portfolio. We aim to ensure a hundred per cent guarantee on all the projects we undertake. Even before we sign the contract with our clients, we ensure that we have established proper pathways that will ensure the success of the project.

We guarantee that our clients will have full access to the company employees who are working with them, and also the customer care department. We have provided various means to meet this guarantee.


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Our customer care department is available day and night to resolve any complaints and problems or changes that you are facing. Any of the information brought to the company will be dealt with immediately; at least in response that something is being done.

Our clients do not need to worry that the builders will disappear, and no one will listen. Further, access to customer care is guaranteed even after the project is completed.

With design 4u, clients get access to the most quality of services in the market. The company is aware that for a while now, builders have promised quality but delivered much less than what they promised.

This is why the company has cultivated relationships that will ensure that quality standards are maintained.

Every step of the project includes guarantees for sustainability, from the nature of design all the way to the materials used. Whether projects are small or large, quality is the most important aspect that is called upon for our clients.

With every building project, plans are a must. Each stage should be carefully structured to ensure that it is easy to monitor progress and any changes that are necessary.

Within the first weeks, the plan is generated for all the projects in our portfolio, to ensure that each project can be complete. Design 4u understands that each project is time-sensitive, from the simple, small-time projects to the larger more complex projects.

Using the plan, the company ensures that each step is completed in good time so that you are not greatly inconvenienced in terms of energy and time.

One of the main foundations of our customer service is access to professional employees who are not only well trained in the building service but also in customer relations. It is, therefore, possible to become quite friendly with our builders.

The company has taken the time to properly train the employees so that they are able to manoeuvre through some of the challenges that may present during the building process. In fact, the company guarantees that the relationship with the builders assigned to you will be so positive that you will keep returning for other projects. All this is provided within the budget, as you have presented to the company.

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