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Why Design & Build?

Design and Build

Why design and build?

Traditionally, in the building industry in the United Kingdom there has been a split between builders and designers.

On the one side, the architects and designers would design the layout of the building project, and its features.

They would then (or a third party would) commission a builder to undertake the work on behalf of a client.

This process would seem to be transparent, but it often results in difficulties.

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Our Design Process

Firstly, the wishers of the client can be ‘lost in translation’ between the design and the building process.

What a client originally wanted, and expressed to the architect and designer, can be lost when it comes to the actual building work. 

Builders may use materials slightly different from those which were intended, or not have the imagination and skills necessary to see a creative project through accurately.

Secondly, the client can feel that they do not have a single point of contact when it comes to their building project and that they are caught between two teams of people, working for separate organisation.

Finally, if there are problems when the project is completed, there are two parties that need to be negotiated with.

Our solution to this problem is not to artificially separate the design and building functions. We bring these together under one umbrella organisation so you can be sure that your vision is carried through to completion in exactly the way that you expected it to be.

Types of project

Our design and building projects range from the small to the large, and the standard to the bespoke. We can accommodate any form of design and build project. What is central to our approach is that we put the client at the centre of everything we do.

We will make sure that your needs are paramount when we work with you on one of our design and build projects. From planning, through to construction and fixtures and fittings, we will make sure that your design is realised in full.

For small design and build projects, we suggest that you talk to one of our designers about the sorts of services that we offer. We can normally suggest a building solution that will be cheap and economical for your needs. We can also advise on any specialist materials or services that may be required.

For bigger projects, we have an extensive range of architectural and design services that you can draw on. Whether it is an extension to an existing property, or a new outbuilding, we have a number of designers on hand to meet your needs.

For standard projects, we have a range of existing building solutions that can meet your needs. These are fully costed, and represent excellent value for money when it comes to a standard project. For bespoke projects, we can suggest more adventurous, yet practical, solutions. Of course, we can adapt our existing designs if you would like to add new features to our existing work.

Design - Build 4 U - For All Your Design needs

The design and building approach that we adopt is modern, and yet it draws upon a traditional heritage.

It was not always the case that design and building were so clearly demarcated.

On the continent this approach is called the ‘master-builder’ approach as it comes with a mark of professional quality.

We employ only the best designers and builders, who are experienced at working with a range of customers of all types, and with all requirements.

Whether your project is large or small, or makes use of standard or bespoke materials and designs, we have the experience and know how to add a new twist to an existing building design.

Let us speak to you about your design and build project – we are sure to add value, whatever your plans.

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