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Converting your loft into an extra bedroom or office then Design Build4u are the loft conversion experts.

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Drawings – Build 4 U

In meeting your requirements, it is very important that you can realise your vision practicably by seeing what the finished project will look like, and making sure that it meets with your technical criteria.

When it comes to all forms of building drawings and plans, we can meet your objectives and bring your ideas to life.

Our designers work closely with architects in terms of their architectural plans.

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We can use our design expertise to turn their technical drawings to life, producing design plans which will enable you to develop your building work. We can provide design plans for your property – residential or commercial – which will allow you to commission extension, or redevelopment, work. We can also work from technical drawings, our own or other people’s, in order to build and construct your property, or to make alterations.

When you require a quick and efficient service to produce technical drawings in a hurry, or to see what a commercial / residential design will look like then contact us.

Our designers use a variety of technical packages which will allow you to consider changes to your design drawings quickly and easily. They can change dimensions, colours and materials to show how your design could be realised in different ways. If you are embarking on a large commercial, or residential, development then we can produce drawings which can be used for promotional, or other marketing activities, such as in show homes or in estate agents.

Our designers are also available to produce drawings for legal purposes, such as obtaining planning permission, or where there are disputes concerning a proposed design feature to a property.

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