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Converting your loft into an extra bedroom or office then Design Build4u are the loft conversion experts.

We all want to make sure that our activities do not damage the environment.


Environmental Impact

When you commission design and building work from us you can be sure that environmental criteria are a paramount concern for us.

When it comes to the choice of materials for your design and building project we make sure that we only use materials from sustainable sources.

Where possible, our products are locally sourced to reduce on transportation and logistics costs, and to reduce our carbon footprint. Where it is not possible to use local materials, we make sure that our products are ethically and sustainably sourced, using wood and metal that does not cause environmental damage. We have a range of suppliers and are happy to talk to you about your particular requirements in this area.

We also have a range of environmental solutions for your home, or commercial, property. We are able to build in environmental features into your property. Whether you would like solar panels fitted to your property, or to use geothermal sources of heating, you will find that we can design and build the most innovative and exciting features into your property.

For specialist clients, we can design an eco-home where every aspect of the building is designed with the environment in mind.

Even when we are conducting our building work we are very careful not to damage the environment and respect plant and animal life. We conduct projects in rural, as well as in urban, areas and environmental considerations are at the heart of every piece of work that we carry out.

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