Edwardian And Victorian Properties

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Edwardian & Victorian Homes

When it comes to opulence, there are few properties which are as respectable as Edwardian or Victorian properties. Such buildings come in all shapes and sizes, but many people love them for their large rooms and space.

Obviously, with a period property there are some problems which you will have to deal with.

Construction techniques which were used at the time were not intended to deal with today’s technological houses with many plug sockets, or for the changeable weather that we experience today.

When it comes to reconditioning, and adding modern features to these properties, our service will enable you to add the latest technological and environmental gadgets.

We can even take you through the process of planning permission, and make sure that you meet all of the criteria required by the local authority before work begins.

Renovations and what to consider

Victorian residences account for regarding one in every six residences in Britain, and most of them are semi-detached or either terraced.

These residential properties supply a combination of period charm, genuine building information, price and restoration possibility.

There are, nonetheless, some drawbacks to Victorian residences– slim, dark kitchen areas, as well as some smaller spaces tend to populate the backside of these houses.

The good news is, it’s almost always possible to get rid of these negatives by expanding your house— as well as the Victorian residences truly offer themselves well to being prolonged.

Getting the best from your property

Sometimes Victorian houses in particular (and some Edwardian houses too) have very small bathroom or kitchen areas. These functional areas of the house were not considered to be valuable for architects of that time, who preferred to make dining and living rooms much bigger for communal activities. Fortunately, we can update such rooms to make them suitable for your family, or for inviting friends and guests around.

Making use of external space, perhaps from a garage or other area, we are able to build outwards. If you have a growing family then we can make use of the unusually large Victorian or Edwardian loft space to extend into this area. Moreover, such loft extensions are likely to be environmentally friendly in terms of keeping heat in the house.

Victorian and Edwardian buildings are not always noted for their energy efficiency so you may even find that this measure can reduce your heating bills!

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