How to fit Blackout VELUX® Blinds

How to fit blackout VELUX blinds:

Velux windows have become quite popular in the recent times because of the following reason:-

1. Velux windows allow alternative source of energy to get in. The Velux windows are preferable because they allow sunrays to get in and as everyone knows that sunrays are perhaps the only form of energy, which are renewable. Velux windows allow balanced amount of energy to get inside the room.

2. Velux windows allow privacy. Since, most of the houses today are adjoined, if one has a normal window on the wall, then everyone is able to know what’s happening behind closed doors. However, Velux windows, since they are installed on the top of the walls, allow privacy and isolation.

3. Velux window insulate noise significantly. They allow peace of mind.

3. They balance out the amount of light in the room. We require more light when we are old than in our youth. Velux skylight allows optimum amount of light to make entry.

4. Velux skylight is cost efficient. Since it uses renewable source of energy to light up the house, this in a way saves electricity bills.

5. Velux skylight opens up a passive air conditioner. Through the chimney effect the warm air is attracted by skylight providing a cool effect.

6. Since small candescent light create an unrealistic glow, Velux skylight balance the amount of light that enters the room.

7. Another advantage of Velux skylight is that it makes the home eco friendly. Since Venus skylight uses renewable source of energy, it tends to make the house comfortable and free from harmful radiation. It allows only considerable source of energy to enter the room.

Velux windows as one can see are best way to make the houses viable. Velux blinds are specifically manufactured blinds to fit the windows. These blinds have a dimension code that is according to the size code on a small sign on the top edge of the window when opened. The first three letters GGL shows the type of window and the second part gives the size of the internal area. The first code may be a combination of numbers or letters.

Hence we can see that Velux window and velux blinds are easy to fit. Velux windows
are good option over normal window. They allow optimum amount of light to enter the room. Velux windows are viable and practical.

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