Garage Conversions

Why a garage conversion?

Garage conversions add valuable space at low cost and can be converted easy.

Design Build4u offer garage conversions from start to finish ensuring high quality finish every time.

The garage can be one of the most neglected areas of a home. 

Many garages are, of course, used to store the family car, but more often than not the garage has become a storage room. It is frequently seen as the room in which much of the mess which accumulates in a house is stored.

That extra Space

If people don’t know what to do with an item, they will frequently stick it in the garage to get it out of the way!

This means that the garage is actually of little value in your home. It is being used as a storage space, or perhaps where you keep the washing machine, rather than as a living space.

It does not take a huge leap of imagination to consider that your garage could be making money for you in terms of increasing the value of your home. If you were to turn the garage into a living space, then it would also increase the space which is available to you.

You can use the garage to extend an existing room, such as a living room, or kitchen, as well as to make it a room with its own discrete function. This is particularly necessary if you have a hobby, or interest, that you wish to pursue.

Garage conversions usually require a reconstruction, or even demolition, of the existing garage to build a new room. Depending on the extent of this, and the new use to which the room will be put, it is often necessary to apply for planning permission and to follow existing building regulations. Many garages are too old to be fully converted into a new room without extensive work.

One type of garage conversion is to use the garage to extend an existing room in the house outwards. This can apply to literally any room in the house. A popular choice is extending a living room outwards so that there is more room for entertainment. The living room, along with the new garage conversion, can allow room for a wide screen television, to give you a cinematic experience. Another popular choice is to extend the kitchen so that you have more room to eat, and for entertaining guests.

Another form of garage conversion, which does not involve extending an existing room in the house, is to use the garage conversion as a room, or area, with its own function. You can then decide for yourself as to the form of access into your house. One garage conversion is to build an annex, which can then be used as a flat which can be rented out, or occupied by an elderly relative or an older teenager.

This gives a whole new facet to your property. Another type of conversion is to use the garage as a room for games or music. Adding a snooker table to your garage conversion will make it a real ‘man cave’ for entertaining friends with a cool beer! Alternatively, adding soundproofing can make the garage conversion into a music rehearsal room, or even into a home studio.

DesignBuild4U for your garage conversion

Whatever you decide for your garage conversion, our services will ensure that you have the best possible use of space that meets all of your requirements. We make sure that we consult extensively with customers prior to undertaking work on your garage extension. We use the best quality materials, and workers, to ensure that the garage extension is appropriate for you.

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