General Builders

We offer the full works of General Building ranging from small to large projects.

Plastering, knock throughs, patios, bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, electrics and roof to name a few. 

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About our services

We are known locally, and nationally, for offering a range of general building services but we also are known for our specialist services which are available either on a collective or a bespoke nature.

We offer a range of service packages which include a design and build service, various types of conversion, refurbishment services, plumbing services, electrical services and a range of project management services.

We are also known for adaptions and environmental services, including heat sinks and other specialist adaptations for buildings both old and new.

There is really no limit to the range of services that we provide for our clients.

We can undertake a wide range of specialist building services which include:

– we can undertake a project from the design through to the completion and building stage. We can also fit a wide variety of features in terms of specialist building and plumbing.

– our loft conversions can add useful space to your property.

– by converting your property we can add value to your existing location. We can convert various type of garages and outbuildings.

Orangeries and other outbuildings – we can create new extensions to your homes such as sunrooms and other featured rooms.

– we can extend your homes in a number of ways either by creating new buildings or by extending existing rooms.

– we can manage your project and provide you with a fully comprehensive timeline of milestones.

– we are experts at all forms of walls including limestone and non-traditional walling techniques.

– if you need your house adapting for a person with a disability, or an elderly person, then we are the best general builders for this task.

– we can provide you with the best environmental features which includes both costing and an assessment of the benefits of adding these features and facilities.

– alongside general building we can provide plumbing to compliment this work.

– as part of our general building work we can also provide electricians who can also work on these features of your house.

The above list only provides a broad selection of our specialist services. We can provide a range of other services to match your needs precisely.

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Our Accreditation

We are accredited by the National House Building Council, the specialist body who make sure that builders are up to, and beyond, the required standard.

This accreditation shows that we have the skills and abilities necessary to ensure the quality of your building project, no matter what the size.

We also make sure that we are in full compliance with building regulations and can advise you on aspects of your project such as planning permission.