Glass Extension

Interior designers often work with clients who look forward to extending their properties. Not every house is appropriate for a loft conversion. Therefore, if you have a house that does not support a Loft Conversion in Berkshire, you can go for a glass extension. Again, when it comes to listed property, it can prove to be really tricky. So, for such clients, designers come up with the solution of a Glass Extension. The advanced technology in glassworks made it easier to achieve a return extension using few other, visible materials. Here are a few advantages of a Glass Extension:


Glass extensions can be constructed in such a manner that is almost negligible contact with the original building. A number of clever frameworks can be attached to the main building simply by a piece of lead flashing that infers that the extension is completely freestanding. This is a bonus for conservation authorities as the existing building is left intact and, if they were to be removed in the future, there would be little sign of the extension having been present.


Something that you create after much planning needs to be kept uninterrupted. The transparent nature of glass will mean that this type of extension will barely interrupt the view of the original building to which it is attached. Keeping in mind that you do not want to spoil the look of the original structure, the framework can be kept to a minimum.


The most important matter that one needs to keep in mind is the objective behind having the extension. Rear extensions are popular, that makes transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces and often leads to kitchens at the rear of the house. Side extensions, on the other hand, are helpful to make the best use of otherwise wasted space. Since local authorities tend not to like new openings being created on the external areas of listed properties, it is suggested to utilize an existing doorway or sash window as an access route to the glass extension.


It is very beneficial to submit a few options for the conservation and planning authorities to consider at the pre-application stage stating your preferred option and showing some flexibility in the construction, roof shape and overall look of the extension. This will aid in getting more chances of approval. It is also felt that if you can get an insight into the thoughts and concerns of the local authority at the pre-application stage, you can be better prepared to answer and deal with the issues in the formal application.

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– In case your neighbors show resistance regarding your video of extension, a glass extension can be of much help as it would have little to no impact on your neighbor’s ‘right to light’ the nature of a glass extension allows light to travel through it without any kind of blockage.

– You need to make sure that the extension that you are proposing is proportionate to the overall size of the existing property. This is particularly very important for listed buildings or in conservation areas.

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