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When it comes to your home, you want the job done right.

If you are thinking about building a conservatory, orangery, sunroom, or any glass extensions on your home, a specialist company is the only way to go.

At Design Build 4u (DB4u) we have years of experience when it comes to double glazing.

Our highly skilled professional teams, can build any size glass structure, big or small.

We will start from the beginning, and be with you on every step of the way.

If you already know what you want, tell us and we can build it your specifications.

If not, we will show you all your options, get them on paper, and build it to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Local glass companies are good, but when it comes to top quality sunrooms, orangeries, conservatories, or extensions, good isn’t enough.

You need the best, and DB4u can give it to you.

Great Britain has a long history of glass extension structures. Being from Great Britain, so does DB4u.

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Types Of Glass Extensions Available:

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Glass extensions are the latest rage in today’s home improvement scene.

No longer are they just used for commercial enterprises. Homeowners are seeing the many benefits of installing or building sunrooms, modern enclosed verandas etc.

From the sunshine beaming into their homes, to bringing the outdoors inside, there are numerous reasons why homeowners are adding glass extensions. When installing double glazed windows, great skill and knowledge must be applied.

That’s why it’s important to find the right company for the job. At DB4u, we use only the best materials. Our windows are low maintenance, with high security performance.

We use only the most advanced double glazing technology, and top notch weather seal gaskets. This ensures there will be no condensation, and your new glass extension will be energy efficient.

Another structure which is becoming more and more common is the orangery. Orangeries, were buildings found on the grounds of well to do, fashionable people from the 17-19th century.

In the winter, citrus trees were placed inside these structures to protect them from the cold, hence the name. They were symbols of wealth, a place where the owners would bring guests on a tour of their property.

Now they are making a huge comeback. They are an excellent way to add light, space, and resale value to your home.

DB4u offers a wide range and variety of orangeries to fit your budget and individual needs. We can help you design one, offer advice, or build one just the way you want. We use only the best glass and materials, and offer our guarantee of approval. Local companies usually contract out all the different jobs needed to build an orangery. You will have different people in and out of your home, at various stages of the erection.

By hiring DB4u, there will only be one company on your premises, us. Being there from start to finish gives us intimate knowledge of the planning, construction, and actual building of the orangery.

A sunroom is a structure which allows the owner to enjoy the natural outdoor surroundings and landscape, while providing protection form them. They can be found in homes, restaurants, or offices. Sunrooms are extremely popular in the United States, Europe, Canada and other countries. They are also known as sun parlors, Florida rooms, or patio rooms. Sunrooms can also be used as heating and lighting tools in passive solar building designs. They too have always been popular in this country, and DB4u has has a lot of experience in building them.

A conservatory is a room with glass walls and a glass roof. They have been around for several centuries, and were also a status symbol of the rich. Now, many homeowners are having them constructed, and attaching them onto their homes. They are a great place to relax, enjoy nature, and let in light and warmth. At DB4u we have a wide range of conservatories, from classic to contemporary.When adding glass extensions onto your home, it is important to do your homework. Cheaper is not always better. Experience, and the right materials are key to getting the job of double glazed windows done right. At DB4u, we have both. Save yourself the headaches of hiring different companies for different jobs. We can do it all. No matter how big the job, we can design, manage, and build any glass extension.

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