Home Extensions

Home Extensions

From small single extension to large two storey extensions Design Build4u can work with planners and architects to give you a turnkey solution.

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Home Extensions

Why a home extension?

With the market for houses looking extremely uncertain, a number of people are now turning to the idea of home extensions, rather than to take the risk of moving.

The movement of interest rates, in particular, is very unpredictable so people can not be sure what is going to happen to the housing market.

Rather than have all of the expense of moving and relocating, it makes sense to stay in your existing property and to increase its value by adding a home extension.

These extensions can be added to your home with a minimum of fuss, and at a very competitive price.

You will find that you do not have to move house, relocating your family and children away from friends and local amenities, to enjoy the luxury of more space.

What is certain is that we are entering a period of instability and it may be time to think about retrenching and deciding to make the most of your existing home, rather than to think about moving.

With this in mind, an increasing number of people are thinking about a home extension.

Designbuild4U for your home extension

What to consider:

We offer various different types of extension which will add value and space to your home. Of course, one of our most popular forms of extension is to build into the loft, which is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create space in your home. We can also build external extensions. One of our most popular extensions is to build into the garage, or external alleyway, to create more space for your property. With our range of windows, doors and other fixtures, you are sure to find the right type of external extension for you.

A very popular type of extension these days is to build a garden room, or sunroom, which is attached to the house. These rooms allow natural light to enter the house and are a great place to entertain friends or families during the Summer months, or at any time of year. We also are able to extend kitchens and bathrooms so that you can add extra features and facilities.

Families are increasingly using the kitchen as another room to eat, or to spend time in. We are also seeing an increase in demand for bathrooms containing features such as walk in showers, or even Jacuzzis. Our extensions will extend your property to give you the experience of luxury that you, and your family, are looking for.

Designbuild4U For Your Home Extension

When it comes to fitting your home extension,

Designbuild4U are the experts in the field.

We can advise you on the types of extension that are suitable for your home, giving you an indication of how long the work will take and how the final result will appear.

There are a number of different designs that we can show you.

Alternatively, we are happy to help you to consider a bespoke design for your extension.

When we carry out the work we will use the very best materials available, and use skilled builders and decorators when we come to fitting your extension. We will, of course, make sure that that full planning permissions, and other building regulations have been met. This is very important aspect of our work. In terms of decoration, fixtures and fittings we will help you to choose from our extensive range.

Our service does not stop with fitting your extension, but we also offer an extensive after-care service if you require further fittings, or modifications to your extension. From beginning to end, our service will give you the extension that you have always wanted.

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