How to Design & Plan home extensions

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Learn How to Design & Plan home extension

Why should you contemplate moving from your home when you can be able to improve it?

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Improving your home comes with several advantages.

There is creation of more space, raising your home value and it goes a long way in ensuring that you fall in love with your home more.

It also saves you from the hassles associated with moving as well as the uncertainties experienced in the properties market.

On a balance of probabilities, staying in your old home proves to be the best prospect as there is adequate information on how to design & plan home extension.

There are several factors that ought to be considered before making the renovations.

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What you need to consider

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Before you undertake the conversions and embark on the extension, you ought to check with an estate agent in your area to find out the type of extensions that are more popular in that particular area. This ensures that you do not overdo your development beyond the ceiling value of the area you live in. This will assure you of getting a tidy return on the investment you make.

Before embarking on your extension project, you should research on the market in your area. For example, you ought to know whether the people who live in the area you want to carry out the extensions are either families or young professionals. You can enquire from agents who have prior experience in dealing with extended properties in that area. You can also check various useful websites that contain information on the prices other similar properties attracted and the various property extension trends presently on offer. This will guarantee you that your investment will yield good returns.

It is beneficial to ensure that you conform to the emerging extension trends in the market in order to tap into the market well. It will help your project if you went for something more refined and natural to make the extensions become functional as well as warm. As more people are converting their homes into offices, it is important to give them lots of work spaces that are cleverly hidden in their homes in order to appeal them. Using materials that are in tandem with government regulations and also environmental friendly will also go a long way in making the extensions marketable. Adhering to guidelines on energy-saving as well as proper insulation will be key as the energy bills will be cut down by a reasonable margin.

Using a professional especially an architect will be of a great value to your project as they are capable of designing your space in a professional way. You will not only end up with a house you love but also a highly valued home in the end. It is important to ensure that you are in good terms with your architect in order to get the desired results. You can get their services from referrals or contacting a professional body that lists them according to their skills in order for you to select the one that suits you well. Checking their portfolio well before engaging their services is recommended as well as inspecting their last three jobs. You can also ask to see their references before you give them the work.

Having a moderate, well-defined and an unambiguous brief detailing your desires for the project is a great idea. Ensure that you capture the design that you want the project to take, the finishing details and a reasonable timescale to ensure the work is not rushed to avoid compromising on the quality. For the best brief, you can sit down with your architect to discuss the finer details of your project. This will assist you even in preparing a budget for the project. In preparing the budget, ensure that you budget for all the fittings to be made, materials to be used, planning costs, tax, fees charged by all the professionals you hire their services and lastly having a contingency plan that can be 10% of the whole budget. This fund is very useful in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Perhaps one of the most important advice on how to design & plan home extension is choosing the type of conversion to undertake. There are several types namely ground-level, loft and basement conversions. Ground-level conversions are great for open-plan kitchens which are in demand at the moment as well as increasing the living room space. Loft conversions are great as they utilize any existing space in the house. You may add a bathroom or an extra bedroom to the house thereby increasing the value of the house. Basement conversions are considered some of the most expensive conversions to undertake but they are capable of providing a whole family room in the end.
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