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All services you need in one location – You dream it we can build it.

We all know that no two houses or kitchens are alike.

That is why our skilled kitchen designers collaborate closely with you, our client, to advise on the ideal kitchen appliances, colour schemes, design layout, and accessories to create your dream space, completely bespoke and one-of-a-kind to you.

Our Kitchen Services For You:

We pride ourselves and specialise in bespoke handmade kitchens.

We’ve built a name for ourselves as a company that pays close attention to detail and uses top-of-the-line British craftsmanship.

Our talented designers use their years of experience in joinery and bespoke furnishings to produce designs with unique characteristics that are suited to each client’s specific demands and desires.


In our kitchens, storage is never an uninteresting issue.

Impress your friends with the most up-to-date wine chilling equipment as well as hidden gems behind your bespoke double pantry doors will astound and surprise you.

We can develop all kinds of attractive storage solutions to keep your kitchen quiet and clutter-free, from deep drawers for storing all kitchen equipment to traditional style plate racks.

Anything you require can be made just right for you

Tell us what you want to store and how you want it to appear, and we’ll come up with a custom solution for you. Wooden cutlery drawers with handmade inlays, custom-made glass front cabinets, and beautiful bespoke drawers have all been popular with previous clientele. We will build bespoke storage that blends effortlessly into your kitchen design, if you want open kitchen shelving to display your best dinnerware or ideally proportioned cupboard storage, this can all be designed for you.

Almost any storage solution, from your best china to sparkling wine, may be produced using the cabinetry we design and construct to your exact specifications. All of our storage solutions – pantries, drawers, dressers, and plate racking – are available in a variety of design options and can be hand-painted in modern colours with solid handles of your choice.

Our expert team is experienced at guiding you through a design process that puts you at the centre, but they’ll also investigate and curate the best options for you, making purchasing and installing your new kitchen a pleasurable experience rather than a stressful and daunting one.

Kitchens with a Bronze Metallic Finish

We’re thrilled to announce the new Bronze Metallic Look Kitchen, which celebrates the usage of metal in kitchen design. Many clients may find the shimmering and highly textured surface finish of this kitchen door a little too much on its own, but it might be the perfect finish for end panels or wall units. It’s eye-catching, elegant, and guaranteed to add a touch of glitz to your kitchen. Please contact us for more information on the Bronze Metallic Look Kitchen or any of our other finishes.

Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

Modern Kitchens Are A Reflection Of Todays news And Tomorrow's Best.

We are well equipped to design your kitchen with the latest in modern kitchen design, having worked with some of the most inventive partners in the interior design business and being excited about fresh, beautiful bespoke modernism ourselves.

Bespoke Modern kitchen design evolves at a much faster rate - we keep ahead of trends and in the know.

Speak to our team today about the kitchen of your dreams!

At its best, modernity is a present-day representation of future design classic or more accurately, a reworking of yesterday’s design classics. Like Stone veneers, extremely thin yet super strong concretes, and glossy lacquer paints that ooze exquisite luxury and are a pleasure to touch have never been available for kitchen design before, courtesy to modern technology for this.

Many people opt for a bespoke statement island in a modern open plan kitchen. It’s a terrific area to prep food while not missing a second of family life, and with it’s integrated, personalised discreet storage and design it looks great too.

Some of our other popular kitchens:

Bespoke Wooden kitchens, whether they are real woods or wood appearance finishes.  Wood may be the most classic and original kitchen material, but it has never looked better than it does right now! With our fine craftsmanship, a bespoke wooden kitchen is very hard to beat in looks and stability.

Modern technology also allows kitchen designers to create the most dramatic finishes without using exotic hardwoods, implying that statement luxury can be linked with environmental responsibility. Our wood impression doors are virtually indistinguishable from the real woods they represent, but at a fraction of the cost and created from 100 percent sustainable forestry.

Metallic kitchens are really in style, bringing a bold injection of luxury to the kitchen atmosphere. These eye-catching, high-end doors can be used as a stand-alone statement kitchen or combined with other kitchen units and materials to create a striking contrast. We  offer a wide range of metallic kitchen products in a variety of gorgeous metallic tones.

Key Statement Materials For The Wow Factor

Real stone veneers and ceramics with the texture of real stone are also available as stone finishes.

Excellent copies, on the other hand, can be used to create bold, contemporary designs that, thanks to their innate elegance, will never go out of style.

Some of these are made to match the pattern of quartz worktops, allowing for a completely seamless and continuous look. A kitchen is more than just a pretty face; it's the beating heart of your home, and these solid surfaces are a joy to work with, with stunning colours that shift with the light.

Leading kitchen manufacturers have risen to the issue of ensuring that the practicality of everyday necessities does not interfere with the clean, minimal designs. The discerning client who loves the serenity of intelligent design now have access to dishwashers with dummy drawer fronts, hidden internal drawers, and islands that appear to float.

Gloss cupboard kitchen doors have a luxurious, modern appearance, and their shiny sheen creates an attractive atmosphere in the kitchen. High-quality smooth gloss kitchen doors also help to brighten and expand a kitchen by effectively reflecting light as it meets their surface. This is an important aspect of kitchen planning, especially for smaller kitchens where space maximisation is a key component of the design process. A large choice of gloss colours and treatments guarantees that many alternative styles can be achieved. Of course, any of our finishes can be combined, whether it’s various colours from the main gloss range, or gloss doors with materials such as matt or wood. Our designers have many years of experience working with clients to create such blended schemes, guaranteeing you get a gloss kitchen that is both unique and special to you.

The beauty of a gloss lacquered kitchen is in the thoroughly polished sheen of the smooth finish of the doors, which creates an exquisite and timeless kitchen design, especially in darker gloss tones. The intensive procedure that the gloss lacquer kitchen goes through, which is carried out by advanced gear, making it a very high-quality and lasting alternative. Furthermore, the repeated spray lacquering procedure gradually builds up a rich and even lacquer colour layer. The end effect is a shiny door surface with a high-reflective gloss or sheen.

Kitchens with High Gloss Lux Laminate

The high gloss lux laminate cupboard door is a magnificent add on to our high gloss collection, combining looks, quality, and cost. Using a repeated spray lacquering procedure, all of the lacquer kitchen doors we do, are completed to an exceptionally high degree. The lacquered front of the gloss lux laminate doors is finished using a novel laser technology that fuses its sharp edge to the surface on all sides of the door. This integration results in a water-tight, high-quality, temperature-resistant door that is both sturdy and sanitary. Fundamentally, the door has low visibility edging where the merging has happened, resulting in an almost smooth finish between the edge and the door’s surface. The whole effect is one of high quality and elegance, but at a kitchen price that is reasonable!