Knock Throughs

A knock through can open up valuable space in your home to create a larger space.

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Knock Throughs – Home Design Ideas

When householders gets bored, they try to demolish the interior of the interior of their homes and thus comes the knock throughs, which is a great home design ideas.

Doing this opens a very new but already dreamed ‘party home’, which is a wish for all of us.

Big Knock Through Projects

However, this job is generally overseen as compared to other building jobs by the authority building regulations engineers.

So, if you too want a through room, then you need to follow a process.

At first, you’ll meet an experienced builder and get a quote for it.

If the concerned walls are timber framed, then there will be no problem in removing them.

They can be removed easily without troubling the powers. And, if the wall is made up of brick or blocks, then it might be load bearing.

You need to contact an expert for this, as an expert will be able to confirm if the wall is load bearing or not just by a simple measurements.


Small hole knocks through

If you need a hole for a set of double doors of about 1200m ie. about 4 feet, then by consulting with an expert, you will come to know exactly what size of steel lintol will fit. Thus, an independent structural engineer is very crucial for this job.

An independent structural engineer will involve a local authority engineer in order to check all the work properly. If the engineer has the knowledge about the local area, then he will know if the system will let him test the steel or not.

If the local authority doesn’t allow this, then a structural engineer will calculate the size of the steel. After this, the quotation is decided. For this the builder can’t simply call the local authority engineer, as the engineer will not discuss the job until and unless has been paid to oversee it.

Entire Wall removal

If the complete wall is going down, then the local authority engineer will need to check a lots of calculations, which will state why a specific steel beam is used. For this job you can only consult a structural engineer. Your builder might tell you that he can do this, but then he will earning like £80k for a year. Thus, you need to get these calculations before getting a quote from your builder.

Now you know whom should you meet when you need to get a knock through to accomplish your home design ideas. If you are still confused about your knock through home design ideas, then you can check some awesome ideas online.