Local Authority

We have established relationships between potential home-buyers, governments, local communities & bodies, building material suppliers, developers and also the financial sector which may be essential for high-cost project rollouts.

We are recognised as local builders and contractors.


Our Strengths and Objectives:

Our corporate mission and vision lay down our approach and beliefs, how we are geared to deliver exceptional value for every individual project and every individual customer. We believe in extending ourselves to focus on understanding the individual needs of our clients, their expectations, and priorities and combine all elements of client satisfaction and forming a powerful synergy.

Our value creation process is continuous, and deployment of all our strategic resources brings in more value to the project in terms of optimizing costs, finding skilled manpower for every stage of construction and also bringing in financial resources to ensure a smooth project rollout in the least time.

We strive to deliver:

Our vast, ranging experience of working in the development of construction projects from diverse sectors like heritage sites, high tech labs, house refurbishment, retail chains and small housing sector goes towards establishing our expertise in processes, technological ability and knowledge is tried and tested over time and well-honed.

We have the financial strength, stability, expertise and a commitment to maintain a continued long term customer satisfaction level. Our excellent and motivated young teams of well-trained professionals have a very personal passionate approach which can be felt for a very long time after project completion.

We work in close coordination with private developers and contractors to optimize utilization of expensive resources, technology and expertise to develop social housing projects. In municipalities where there are specific public policies and procedures for getting financing to home buyers and builders, our project team can process the applications for financial assistance.

Our project team members have been trained in delivering value to our clients. They are always focused on lowering capital costs, costs of operational, a faster rollout, and leveraging options in new funding, We firmly believe that through an intelligent and coordinated approach we can inject greater value to a housing project.

We have long term commitments with the suppliers of quality building materials, and our project is trained to deliver the best from these commitments and deploy the value right back to you through the chain.

Sustainable Construction

We believe in the concept of “sustainable construction” which is comparatively new to the construction industry, we promote the development of products and solutions for buildings which reduce the environmental impact of construction projects while at the same helps to promote economic and social growth.

We have classified our contributions into three main categories:

  1. Following responsible production practices which reduce environmental impact and waste generated during the construction phase.

Our project team identifies the key challenges and areas for conserving energy and water resources right from the planning stage. We collaborate with the urban municipal bodies to help customers tide over the complexities of the licensing norms, and better manage the impacts of the life cycle of construction projects.

We help in obtaining the plans, permissions conforming to local planning rules and regulations and building regulations. We guide the client in every step of the project be it new construction or a makeover plan where the original plan document is missing. We help the client conform to scaffolding rules, licenses, safety requirements, norms of energy efficiency, specific rules in conservation or protected area, and registering for environmental permissions etc.

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