Moving V Extending

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Moving V Extending

When it comes to a growing family, or if you have hobbies or other interests that take up space you will have the choice of either moving house or extending your current property.

What to Consider with Moving Vs Extending

We would advise that it in making a decision it is best to consider the pros and cons of each. Whichever you decide, we can help you to either make the move as profitable as possible, or to extend to give you more space.


Moving house is often a lottery. You can find that the house that you are moving to does not appreciate in value as much as you expected, or that it can even lose value.

This means that you may be in negative equity. A house move can cost money in terms of hiring removal vans and paying stamp duty, which can be very extensive.

You can also find that you miss your previous property. If you do decide to move, then you should make use of our design and building services.

Many of our clients have found the right size of house, but do not like the interior design, or require extensions or refurbishment.

Using our services, you will find that the house that you are moving to can fit your needs exactly.

If you do not decide to move then an extension is a good idea. You can extend in many different ways – into the loft, garage or into an existing outbuilding – and do not have to experience the costs and difficulties of moving house.

In addition, an extension (particularly a loft extension) can add value to a property which may save you money in the long run.

Our designers will make sure that whichever extension you choose, it has the latest design features which means that you can have the experience of a ‘new’ feature without moving house!

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