New Home Build

New home build services

If you require a completely new build property, or if you have a new build property that is in need of refurbishment or extension, then you will want to contact us to find out about our range of services for new builds.

From the design to the building stage we offer a range of premier services that will make your property a joy to live in.

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Services for new builds

We can also offer services in terms of converting parts of a new build property and a range or support and ancillary services, including those involving plumbing or electrical work.

We are also able to fit the latest environmental features to your new build property, either at the design stage or in retrospect. You will find that our services are competitive and comprehensive.

We offer the best quality possible at a reasonable price for our new build customers.

For new build properties we offer a wide variety of building and design areas which are sure to cover all of your requirements:

when it comes to considering the design of your new build then you need to work with a specialist builder who can understand your needs. We will work with you to make sure that the design of your new build exceeds your expectations.

For those new builds which require us to work with architects we have the experience necessary to realise their design specifications.

If you want to convert part of your new build property then we can help in terms of connecting walls, loft conversions, garage conversions and the adaptation of outbuildings.

Whether you are looking to extend your property upwards or outwards, we can help you to make sure that your new build has enough capacity for all of its uses.

It may be that you have a number of new build properties which you would like us to help complete. We have the range of specialist building skills necessary to help you to maintain capacity across a range of new builds.

For commercial, or residential, new builds of a specialist nature, we have the expertise necessary to work on unusual, or experimental, building projects for architects.

National House Building Council award

The National House Building Council (NHBC) has awarded us with their accreditation for the work which we conduct in the new build area.

This prestigious body uses a variety of criteria when awarding this certification to the best builders in the country, and we have satisfied all of those criteria comprehensively.

The NHBC aim to raise standards in the industry so that all homeowners are protected, and that is our motto too.

We are not happy just to maintain quality of our services for owners of new builds, but wish to constantly improve these services.

Hence, working with the NHBC accreditation, we aim to raise the quality of our services over time.

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