New Regulations

New Regulations and how to keep up with them:

Trying to understand the new regulations and keeping up with them can be confusing when you make the decision to have new windows or doors put in. But, once you learn the basic requirements they’re easy to understand and follow especially if you choose an approved installer.

Whenever work is carried out on the outside of a property the work needs to be checked to make sure the work carried out meets the relevant building regulations. These checks are usually carried out by the Building Control Body at your Local Authority.

If you want to avoid having to deal with the Building Control Body at your Local Authority, it is advisable to choose a reputable company like Design Build 4U to install your windows/doors. When you choose a reputable company that complies with BSI, CERTA or FENSA schemes you can be sure that your new door/window will meet the relevant regulations. These reputable companies ensure that all the paperwork for your installation is dealt with in the correct manner.

One of the most important regulations your new window/door will need to comply with involves energy efficiency. These regulations are concerned with the thermal performance and focus on U-value. When a new door/window is energy efficient it prevents heat from escaping. This can help you to save on your energy bills and is good for the environment. These regulations have changed recently and there are differences depending on whether the new door/windows is a replacement or part of an extension to the property. If you discuss these regulations with the manufacturer of your chosen door/window and they don’t understand your questions you need to walk away from them as they should be aware of the requirements of these regulations.

The next regulation is concerned with safety. External doors and windows will need to be fire safe. This prevents the fire spreading to nearby properties and allows anyone trapped in the property to escape. Fire escape windows need to be large enough to allow for easy escape.

Regulations concerning the ventilation and air supply of a property are another of the important regulations your new door/window needs to meet. Airtight rooms can bring their own hazards so it is important to have plenty of ventilation whilst still maintaining some degree of draught-proofing and double glazing.Ventilation is especially important in rooms that produce a lot of steam like kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms. Poor ventilation can cause mold growth and can impact on the health of the people using the property.

Bay windows can be a lovely addition to any house, but there are special regulations concerning the correct installation of them. Due to the nature of bay windows they are often treated as an extension to the property so you will need to obtain building regulation approval before having them installed.

With some properties, such as those built after 1999, you need to comply with accessibility regulations. This involves ensuring the threshold remains at the same size it was upon installation. By following these regulations, you are ensuring that people with disabilities can have continued access to the property.

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