Non-Standard Construction

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Non-Standard Construction

By their nature, buildings with a non-standard construction which use unconventional materials or techniques in their fabric, are going to be a challenge to convert, extend or refurbish.

There are three categories of non-standard buildings.

Firstly, there are buildings that were constructed prior to modern building techniques. Such buildings may include materials such as stone, timber or even thatch as a large proportion of their exterior.

Want to build with unusual materials?

Secondly, there are buildings which were constructed with a pre-fabricated design, which has become in vogue again with designers.

Finally, there are contemporary properties which have a deliberate non-standard construction using glass, metal and even elements of the natural environment (in terms of eco-houses).

Some builders do not like the challenge of a non-standard construction project.

They believe that the work requires extensive planning permission and a flair for design, and not just for construction techniques.

As our service is integrated, bringing together design and building in one easily accessible hub, we are able to provide design and construction expertise to extend and convert buildings of non-standard construction.

Fallen in love with a building but need to make it a home?

We find that householders who buy a non-traditional construction have a real love of their building.

They care about the traditional techniques used, or the unusual modern and contemporary architectural styles.

We have the same care and consideration when it comes to extending, converting and refurbishing such properties.

As we have knowledge of design, as well as building, we can make sure that your extension, or other building alteration, meets exactly with the standard design of your property.

Our skilled craftspeople can replicate the exact techniques which were used in the construction of your non-standard period property when it comes to restoration, or refurbishment work.

Conversely, we can replicate and enhance the architects vision when it comes to your contemporary property.

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