Planning a Garage Conversion

How to plan for a Garage Conversion:

A garage conversion increases the value of your abode by 10 percent. A benefit of garage conversions is that increases the value of living space without any extra costs or difficulty involved in moving your immovable assets.

Plan of design and space:

The internal area of most garages is long and thin. In order to get more space, one should use block walling, to transform the garage into two spaces. The extra space can be used as a bathroom; the other half can be used as a storeroom. One can make some drawings pre hand in order to plan the living spaces.

Permission for planning:

A garage conversion does not require any type of special permission if there is no alteration in the structure of the building. The garage needs to be built with special permission if it is in a structured building. A garage conversion may be necessary if the building is a listed building.

Rules of the building:

The garage conversions may be according to the rules of the building. The rules of the building have to be followed if the building is a listed building. In other words, one may have to adhere to rules like insulation, fireproofing, plumbing, ventilation, etc during the garage conversions.

Plumbing and wire installation:

While fixing the garage one needs special attention. Locate how water outflows and outflow of soil is while installing the toilet.


Flooring requires the soil to be efficient, but require extra damping proofing, to meet the rules.

Having discussed all the features of garage conversions, let us now study, the advantages of garage conversions:-

1. Since you are making a pre hand design, one can easily cover all aspect of design.

2. Garage conversions add value to your living spaces.

3. They increase the resale value of your living spaces.

4. Garage conversions are helpful because they make your living spaces viable.

5. People who have to cover large distances in order to go to school or colleges or to the office now do not have to move houses. Due to garage spaces, they get more habitable spaces.

Hence, the above paragraph goes on to prove that garage spaces can be reused. Garage spaces are viable and can be used in a way that everyone benefits from it. They increase the feasibility of your homes.

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