Planning Permission

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Planning Applications

Aside from building regulations, the laws and statutes associated with planning applications can also be a headache for commercial or residential customers.

Planning Permissions and All You need to know

There are a number of assorted planning regulations that will restrict what you can do to a property, or will even determine whether even minor alterations can be made to a property.

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If you live in a building that is formally listed, you will have to make sure that you comply with an extensive set of planning regulations.

These are imposed upon a householder, or commercial property, by the local authority.

There is no way to get around these restrictions. Rather you must try to find a way to make sure that your work meets the legal position of the local authority.

For a listed building this means that the work conducted must be in keeping with the character of the local area and must not make a significant change to the look of the building, or the residential area surrounding it.

Even minor, cosmetic alterations must meet planning regulations. We make sure that we meet planning regulations for listed buildings and can help you with your application.

We can also make sure that we use materials and techniques which are in keeping with the existing character of your property.

Even if your property is not listed, there may be planning restrictions that relate to your building. Recently, the government has relaxed certain planning restrictions but this does not mean that legislation does not apply to what you can do to your building. When it comes to planning regulations, we are the experts in advising you on what is, and what is not, possible.

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