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Professionalism and efficiency are just some of the traits that we the Design-Build 4U are associated with.

Our reputation has been built upon a very long period of experience in this field of building and construction.

We are well known in the areas of home extension, loft and garage conversions and refurbishment.

Our very able and experienced personnel have proved to be the best you can find here in the UK rated with the projects that we have completed successfully.

All our clients have been satisfied with our services and this is a clear indication that we offer top-notch services.

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One advantage that our customers get by working with us from the start is the issue of designing the structure that you want to build.

Unlike many other typical construction companies, our qualified personnel have the necessary technical knowledge and skills to modify the existing drawing plans or come up with a new one.

We will also keep you updated during the construction period to make sure that you are kept informed on how the project is progressing.

This will allow you to assess how work is being carried out and to give you peace of mind. We are very committed and we keep our dates especially the start and finish time. Our company will give you a warrant after the completion of any project.

We will follow up to make sure that the new plan has been approved by the authorities for the construction to commence immediately.

More than thirty years of experience in this industry has earned us immense technical expertise that we use to make your dream home come to reality. We have gathered enough knowledge over these years that have propelled the delivery of our top-notch services to you our customer. The quality of our workforce is also very qualified enabling us to deliver the best of our services on the construction site.

We are certified to work anywhere in construction sites and this comes with the responsibility of keeping the surrounding compound where we are working at clean. We comply fully with the environmental laws as stated by the government. We use only the latest available technologies to make sure that we minimize the number of waste products. This will equally save a lot in waste management and also the cost of raw material to the customer.

This is will give you the esteemed customer ample time to assess the house and if any repair is required, we will do it for free during this time.

Remember that we also offer a free quote and if the quote is accepted we will charge you the best price and services.

Our budgets estimates are very accurate and with all these years of in this field, we know very well what is required.

Our price is very competitive and affordable.

The mode of payment is very flexible giving you peace of mind.

Our operations are very discrete to ensure minimal disruption and empathy to neighbours.

Let us do your quotation and we will guarantee you the best prices and services that Design-Build 4U can offer.

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