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Our Specialist Joinery team is assembled by skilled craftsmen. Our specialised section offers a full range of services for house renovations, customised developments, and custom designs. Continue reading to find out more about what we can offer you.

What Our Joinery Service Can Offer For You:

We can provide you a high-quality service that will give you peace of mind. Your joinery will be handcrafted by some of the best artisans in the world, all of them are highly skilled and enthusiastic about their work. 

Internal Doors

Some of the most prestigious homes in the UK have been graced with our internal doors.

We offer a wide range of doors and frames, from interior doors to custom-made doors.

All of our internal doors are built to the highest standards and to the most recent performance specifications.
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All of our internal doors and door sets are made to order, allowing you maximum creative freedom and the option to match existing doors flawlessly or give your home a whole new look. 

All our internal doors can all be made to order to match current measurements or based on given specifications. Whatever your needs are for doors and frames, we provide a wide selection of tried-and-true styles and designs. We make internal doors in any material and design, from a simple flat panelled door to a polished raised and fielded panelled door. 

Our doors are made and designed by expert craftsmen to the highest standards. On our internal doors, we pay close attention to the smallest details to ensure that quality and workmanship are at the forefront of all we do. 

Exterior Doors

We are able to create door sets with mind-blowing designs thanks to our highly trained craftsmen and specialists in the field.

For our external doors, we exclusively use the highest quality wood.

Hardwoods are used to produce them and our doors long-term durability and stability are greatly improved by the usage of these timbers.

High quality external doors avaliable from us: Front doors, Back doors, sliding and folding doors, patio doors, and garage doors can all be made to order to match current measurements or based on given specifications. 

As well as the type of hardwoods we use, all draught seals are included on all edges of all of our external door sets. We employ high-quality water bars, gaskets, and thresholds which result in exceptional air tightness and performance. 

We are able to create door sets with mind-blowing designs thanks to our highly trained craftsmen and specialists in the field. 

We have a wide range of hardwood timbers that can be factory finished with preservative and primer or we can provide a full installation service.


Beautiful, custom-designed kitchens in contemporary or traditional styles.

Our skilled craftsmen will make your dream kitchen a reality.

We are committed to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams.

our staff is made up of people who are well-educated and motivated to help customers.

A wide selection of materials are available to suit your design and budget, and they are all constructed to last and o be used in a new construction or to replace your existing kitchen. 

We can assure a stress-free installation by working together with our specialists. 

Because of our flexible, customizable approach, we can accommodate our customers’ individual preferences and incorporate a wide selection of designs to create the kitchen of your wishes. We can offer an endless range of kitchens thanks to our utilization of cutting-edge technology, inventive details, and exquisite craftsmanship. 

In our kitchens, storage is never an uninteresting issue. Impress your friends with the most up-to-date wine chilling equipment as well as hidden gems behind your bespoke double pantry doors will astound and surprise you. We can develop all kinds of attractive storage solutions to keep your kitchen quiet and clutter-free, from deep drawers for storing all kitchen equipment to traditional style plate racks. Anything you require can be made just right for you. 

Tell us how you want your kitchen and how you want it to appear, and we’ll come up with a custom solution for you. Wooden cutlery drawers with handmade inlays, custom-made glass front cabinets, and beautiful bespoke drawers have all been popular with previous clientele. We will build a plan effortlessly into your kitchen design, if you want open kitchen shelving to display your best dinnerware or ideally proportioned cupboard storage, this can all be designed for you. 

Our staff takes the time to get to know you and understand your lifestyle, which allows our designers to create concepts that are a perfect match for your house. We’ll provide you expert advise on materials, finishes, and fixtures, ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with the end product. 


With years of expertise in building staircases, we understand the importance of first impressions. While we specialize in intricate staircases, we also build modest, straight flight staircases.

Our craftsmen can help you plan and choose the perfect staircase in a number of forms and styles, whether you're going up or down, up to the attic or down to the basement.

A staircase is much more than just a way to get up and down the stairs. Your staircase is frequently the focal point of your home, so be sure it's in great shape!

We all know how crucial it is for a staircase to work as well as look attractive. We make simple, straight staircases in a variety of styles, forms, and specifications, in addition to beautiful spectacular staircases. We can assist you or your designer in designing a staircase that fits your stairwell opening. 

Our stairs are available in a variety of materials, including oak, ash, tulipwood, sapele, pine and walnut.   If you choose to carpet your staircase, the treads will be made of tough MDF, but if you want to paint them, we’ll use pine or tulipwood. 

The quality of our bespoke staircases is very important to us. our craftsmen have extensive experience designing and installing stunning stairs for some of the country’s most prestigious residences. We can provide you with a variety of handrails, newel, and spindle solutions in a variety of materials and designs. If you need custom spindles and newels, we can do this or you can choose from a variety of conventional designs. 

We can provide straight flights to extravagant sweeping and radial staircases, in historic and modern forms, are all bespoke to our clients’ needs. A wide selection of materials are available, including hardwood, softwood, and mdf. All our stairs are handcrafted and manufactured, with either a supply or a complete installation service available. 


Our professional craftsmen are experts with all types of bathroom fittings, from elegant bath panels to bespoke counter cabinets.

We'll begin bringing your dream bathroom to reality when you've settled on the perfect products.

Our skilled craftsmen will thoroughly prepare your space and install your products.

When we're done with our work, we'll make sure to clean up thoroughly. After that, you'll be able to relax and enjoy your beautiful new bathroom.

Bath panels, vanity units, and free-standing furniture are among the bathroom fittings that we design and manufacture. Every part is custom-designed in collaboration with the architect and manufactured to complement the home’s architecture or the clean, inventive, modern aesthetic desired. All of our furniture is built with quality and durability in mind. Our customers have complete control over designs, layouts, wood, and finish options. Our joiners have access to a wide choice of materials, as well as bespoke designs if required. We can design and manufacture bathroom fixtures according to your specifications. 

You may put in a limitless amount of fixtures, fittings, and furniture in your bathroom. You may be intimidated by the idea of selecting a bathroom, or you may know exactly what you want. Whatever the situation may be, our expert craftsmen will be able to assist you in creating something unique that will truly delight you.

Because of our many years of expertise building bathrooms, we know which goods are not only attractive, but also functional and long-lasting. As a result, we only purchase products and materials that we believe will provide you with the most value for your money. You can rest assured that everything in your bathroom will endure a long time. 


We can build and deliver most designs and specifications created by architects and designers, whether it's fitted wardrobes or a study cabinet.

We have the same level of technological expertise as any of the world's major furniture producers.

We have a lot of expertise working with clients, architects, and interior designers to ensure that the joinery is made to the highest quality and standard imaginable.

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Handcrafted from a variety of quality materials, built to last, and hand-finished for a flawless complete look. 

We install all our wardrobes on-site for a proper fit and hand-finished for a flawless exquisite finish. 

From unique chairs to built-in wardrobes, we can construct anything. With our Bespoke designs to fine wardrobes. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Outdoor Spaces

Maintain your fitness the way you want, when you want. Avoid the crowds and exercise in the seclusion of your own garden gym. Working out and being in shape are all things that many of us like. Finding the drive to go to the gym, on the other hand, is often a major component in why so many of us quit our plans to get in shape before they even begin. Installing a Garden Studio Gym allows you to save time and money by eliminating the need for a monthly gym membership. 

Your garden gym will be planned, designed, and installed by us. We’ll work closely with clients and collaborate with you to create a modern place that you can enjoy all year. 

We’ll take into account the location of your machines, the required headroom and produce a space from our collection that will thrill you. 

You’ll be working out in a gym that is elegant, functional, and a wise property investment – not to mention completely separate from your home. 

Each tub is custom-made to fit the customer‘s exact specifications. Before we begin construction, we discuss with you and assist you in making the best selection for your hot tub. A hot tub is one of the most soothing and exciting expenditures you can make for your home in any other property. We create your personalised hot tub exclusively for you. 

We can create handmade, one-of-a-kind, customised, high-quality whirlpool tub for optimal comfort thanks to our extensive knowledge in this industry. You can anticipate top-notch craftsmanship and a product that fulfils the highest quality requirements in every way, in addition to gorgeous design. 


Carports can help you avoid a lot of troubles, especially in the winter. No more frozen windows; at the very least, a timber garage allows you to enter and exit in the dry. You won’t have to worry about rot because all of our wooden carports are made of pressure treated wood. All of them are built of heavy-duty interlocking locks, ensuring a sturdy structure for your garage or workshop. 

With more and more individuals opting to work from home, garden offices are becoming incredibly common. Garden offices offer the perfect work life balance while also freeing up space at home.