Stone Built Properties

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Stone Built Properties

Stone is a traditional building material with hard wearing properties, and can provide excellent ventilation in a home. As stone is a traditional building technique it can produce many problematic issues when considering an extension or a conversion to your property.

However, our unique portfolio of design and building skills means that we are able to add value to even the most esoteric kinds of stone built properties.

Can I extend my property?

When it comes to a conversion to stone built properties, there are a variety of skills which are required.

Often, careful attention to ventilation and utilities is required. Without this poorly realised work can not only spoil the appearance of the building, but make it less comfortable to live in.

Fortunately, we have the experience of putting contemporary design work in the context of traditional environments. Your conversion, or refurbishment, will not only suit the appearance of your existing building, but will also have the contemporary features that you are accustomed to.

One of the more unusual requests for conversions and extensions to stone built properties are when a person has acquired permission to convert the use of a current stone built dwelling to a residential function.

Converting Stone based buildings

In particular, people are increasingly converting old churches and barns, which are usually stone built, into residential property.

Commercially, such properties can also be converted into holiday homes.

When it comes to converting stone based buildings, planning permission and building regulations are very strict. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in working with architects, and our own designers, in planning and realising such extensions.

For non-residential use, we are also able to convert stone built properties into commercial premises, converting a formally agricultural, stone, barn into a modern suite of offices.

This can provide a very cost effective solution for your commercial business.

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