Upgrade the look of your home this 2019

Upgrade the look of your home this 2019


New Year, new things- this is the motto everyone seems to be abiding by all over the world. It is a really good plan, to achieve much needed change in your life. So what is the new thing that you are planning to get? How about a new home?

The thing about your home is that it will never be enough, so it will always be on demand. People want to buy homes for themselves but they are pretty costly. Hence, if you were planning on buying a new home, you should consider a bit of modification to make a spectacular home.

Admittedly, it is not really easy to build a home in today’s world. There are so many things that you will have to plan for. The costly nature of buying and selling property discourages some people from building their own homes but you can easily add an extension to your house to make it more functional and suitable for your specific needs.

If you feel that your home has become too small, you can add extensions. This will make life so much easier for you. You can add that extra bedroom, make your kitchen bigger, create a study room or even space for storage cabinets. The choice will always be yours, what do you want to do with your home? Adding extensions and a little bit of refurbishing will prove to be so much cheaper than moving to another home.

Why is it cheaper?

For starters, materials are going to be more affordable than in the past few years. The world economy is improving. This can only mean well for households. You are able to buy things at the best prices without having to worry about breaking a bank. Just find a good contractor and you will be on your way to a bigger yet cheaper home.

Secondly, with the introduction of new and increased stamp duty bands, you are assured that you will pay an arm and leg buying a new house. The more costly the house is, the more tax you are going to pay for it. Instead of wracking your mind trying to figure out where you will find money to pay for stamp duty land tax, you can simply add some extensions. The amounts being charged for land tax can complete several refurbishing projects.

Moving to a new house is also a hustle that you do not want to engage in at the beginning of the year. There is really a lot more that you can do other than packing and unpacking boxes. Moving companies also cost a lot nowadays- although their services are really good. Either way, you can spare yourself this time and add more to your home instead of moving.

What can you extend?

The first thing you should consider before you build an extension to your home is the need of the extension. What problem is forcing you to need more space? Once you have answered this question you will get ideas as to the exact places that you can extend. Better yet, why not get in touch with the experts at www.designbuild4u.co.uk and receive guidance on how to go about it. This is where you will find the best building project planners in the South.


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